Berries & Blossoms Set

A special set for the floral and berry lovers.

Lumbini Valley's Berry Ceylon Mix is a flavoured tea that features selectively handpicked tea leaves which are processed to perfection.  A delicious brew which harmonizes well with the juicy sweet tartness of mixed berries. Giri master tea makers crafted this unique tea to experience succulent ripe sweet berries with characteristics of a sweet-sour taste and a subtle distinct note of rainforest floral honey.


MingCha's Jasmine Blossoms is a handcrafted green tea made with air-dried Lily & Thousand Day Red flowers wrapped in young green tea leaf-buds, scented 6 times with fresh jasmine flowers. Probably the only blooming tea that tastes as good as it looks.


This set also is paired with our color-coded, elegant stainless steel and glass tea timer. The sand color on our timer corresponds to the type of tea being brewed.Although each tea has it's own ideal brewing times, our recommended steep times are:Green teas 1-3min, white teas 2-3min, black teas 3-5min

Berries & Blossoms Set