Kitul Honey Trecale Coated Spice Black
Garden Fresh, selectively handpicked Ceylon Lumbini Valley tea leaves are twisted by Kitul wood fitted rollers and mixed with natural Kitul palm nectar (Caryota Urens). This enhances the perfectly rounded living character of tea and refines the texture of naturally sweet bouquet with world’s best Ceylon spices. Our signature Honey Treacle Coated Ceylon spice Black Tea is exclusively crafted by the Giri’s master tea makers at Lumbini valley in limited quantities.

Cup Colour: Slightly cloudy honey colour

Taste: Honey treacle flavour with spices and a hint of floral notes of the black tea

Strength: Medium

Brewing Directions: 4g, 150ml, 212F, 
2 minutes, multiple brews

Kitul Honey Trecale Coated Spice Black

  • 50 grams glass bottle