Ceylon Luxury Tea Gift Set

Curated with luxury in mind, this premium set includes Herman's flagship product, the famous Virgin White Tea, and the Rainforest tea. Completing the set is our Signature Classic Teapot.


Herman's Virgin White Tea 

This special white tea is produced completely untouched by human hands.  Research has revealed that Herman's Virgin White Tea has 10.11% antioxidants, the highest percentage present in any naturally occurring beverage.

Net Wt: 30gms (pyramid bags)


Herman's Rainforest Tea

Herman's Rainforest Tea is a special type of tea grown in the foothills of the Sinharaja Rainforest.  Meticulously produced at the only tea estate in the world situated in close proximity to the ocean and bordered by an evergreen rainforest, the rainforest tea produces a very unique, signature taste.  It's a conventional black tea with a very sweet and mellow liquor.

Net Wt: 75 gms (pyramid bags)


Signature Classic Teapot

Made of fine porcelain, our classic teapot exudes grace and elegance with its plain white color and our black logo at the center.  Its convenient 24 ounce capacity is the perfect size for two or three servings.


This premium set comes ready for gift giving in a chic black paperboard trunk with satin logo ribbon and gift tag.

Ceylon Luxury Tea Gift Set