Herman Tea Tasting Set

Our Herman Tea Tasting Set includes three very unique Sri Lankan indigenous teas. All three teas are award winners from the Anuga Fair in Germany. 


Ceylon Flowery Camelia

Herman's Flower Camelia Ceylon tea combines traditional black tea with the flowers from the tea plant. White camelia flowers are handpicked at dawn when the fragrance is purest. They are then naturally dried and added the the tea during the rolling stage.

Net Wt: 45 gms (pyramid bags)


Ceylon Souchong

The Ceylon Souchong is a smoked black tea similar to a single-malt whiskey. Produced by gently pan firing using cinnamon wood, the smoky notes produce a depth and body with a hint of juiciness and sweetness.

Net Wt: 45 gms (pyramid bags)


Sapphire Oolong

The Sapphire Oolong is a mild tea, earthier than typical green teas but lighter than most black teas. This tea is very low in caffeine and is ideal after dinner or as a nighttime tea.  

Net Wt: 45 gms ( pyramid bag)


Signature Modern Tea Mug

Our signature modern tea mug has a generous capacity of 14 ounces and is made of fine porcelain. The chic look showcases the comfortable ribbon handle, tapered body and our black logo at the center.


Logo Teaspoon 

The perfect complement to our tea mug, this teaspoon is made of highly polished stainless steel with our laser engraved logo at the tip of the handle.


33 Leaves of Tea (Pocket Tea Tasting Journal)

This journal provides an easy way to quickly record tea tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format.  It's perfect for tea novices and pros alike.


This award winning set comes ready for gift giving in black embossed keepsake box with logosatin ribbon and gift tag.

Herman Tea Tasting Set