This gyokuro is the perfect example of the amazing green teas that Yame area can produce. It combines extraordinary sweetness with powerful umami. Without any bitterness, this tea is ideal to discover the joys of gyokuro, but will also delight experts.

Dento Hon Gyokuro tea bushes are cultivated naturally without shaping the tea bushes into rows. Once 1 or more leaves appear from the new buds, the tea bushes are covered to block out sunlight. The covering material is not the usual black synthetic fibers, but natural rice straw called “sumaki”, which blocks at least 95% of the sunlight over the bushes for at least 20 days. Most tea leaves are picked using machines these days, but Dento Hon Gyokuro is still picked by hand even today. The extraordinary efforts and refined techniques used to make this tea results in a luxurious relaxing brew for your enjoyment


Tea Preparation: 

Pour 150ml of 104°F water over 10 grams of tea.

3 minute brewing time. This high quality Gyokuro can be brewed 3-5 times. Re-brewing time should only be a few seconds.



  • 50 grams