IKKYU Master Tasting Set

This tasting set from Japan features four premuim grade green teas from Ikkyu tea including our professional tea tasting cup set, teaspoon and tea journal.


Ren- High Grade Sencha 

This premium green tea is made from the rare cultivar kanaya midori. Its umami and bitterness make a strong and powerful impression. Rich and lightly roasted, with a beautiful green color, this organic sencha has a very low caffeine content and can be enjoyed all day long.


Ikki- High Grade Shiraore 

A refreshing shiraore with typical citrus and refreshing tastes. With IKKI, you enjoy the same typical aromas of citrus of higher-quality teas but powerful umami is replaced by a more refreshing taste.


Isao- High Grade Taka Ryokucha 

A perfect green tea for tasting sessions, with strong notes of citrus and orange. From the first sip to the last drop, this tamaryoku-cha will please you with its aromas of lemon and bitter orange, typical of Higashi Sonogi tamaryoku-cha.


Tomomi- Premium Kamairi 

Pan-fried, this organic tea has all antioxidant qualities of green tea. Freshness and sweetness combine with a subtle touch of umami for an exquisite balance. Picked at the end of May, during the first harvest, in Miyazaki prefecture, this premium tea is very rare.


Professional Tea Tasting Cup Set

Take tea tasting to the next level with our professional tea tasting cup set.  This three-piece fine porcelain set includes a cup, lid and bowl. The brewing cup is used for steeping a small sample of tea, about 2.5 grams, and the wide porcelain bowl allows you to examine the color of the tea in a shallow and wide area prior to tasting. The lid of the cup can be rested upside down to evaluate the color, shape, smell, and consistency of the steeped tea leaves. Ideally made for professional use, this set is also a convenient brewing vessel for everyday use.  


33 Leaves of Tea (Pocket Tea Tasting Journal)

This journal provides an easy way to quickly record tea tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format.  It's perfect for tea novices and pros alike.


Logo Teaspoon (Petite)

The perfect small teaspoon for examining tea leaves.  It is made of highly polished stainless steel with laser engraved logo at the tip of the handle.


This set comes ready for gift giving in black embossed keepsake box with logo satin ribbon and gift tag.




IKKYU Master Tasting Set

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