This delicious organic sencha from Chiran area (Kagoshima) is picked in May by Orita-en, one of the first tea producers to turn to organic farming in Japan in the 1970s. This premium green tea, one of their leading products, is made from the rare cultivar kanaya midori. Its umami and bitterness make a strong and powerful impression. Rich and lightly roasted, with a beautiful green color, this organic sencha has a very low caffeine content and can be enjoyed all day long, but if possible not during lunch or dinner. Its high theanine contents appease while increasing focus and sharpness


Tea Preparation: 

Pour 200ml of 176°F water over 6 grams of tea.

40 seconds brewing time. This high quality Sencha can be brewed 2-3 times. Re-brewing time should only be a few seconds.



  • 50 grams