Passion Fruit

100% Natural Ingredients:

loose leaf black tea, cinnamon, hibiscus, jasmine blossoms, stevia, passion fruit flavoring


A rich flavorful cup of tropical zest, heady creamy cinnamon and the pleasant sweetness of stevia combined with fragrant Vietnamese black tea. A perfect cup for lovers of a rip and juicy taste


Ha Loc, Phu Tho Province, Northern Vietnam


Tea Preparation (Porcelain teapot):

Pour 500ml of 194°F water over 8 grams of tea leaves and infuse for 30 seconds -3 minutes. 


Tea Preparation (Authentic method. Gaiwan): 

Pour 85ml of 194°F water over 5 grams of tea leaves.

Steeping Time: 8 steeps: rinse, 30 s, 50 s, 70 s, 90 s, 150 s, 180 s

Passion Fruit

  • 100 grams