Time For Joy Gift Set

Spread joy this holiday season with this curated gift set featuring the Oriental Beauty and the Rose Bud teas, both known to have flavor notes and aromas perfect for special occasions. This set also includes our tea timer and tea infuser for a prefect brew.


Man Cha's Oriental Beauty

Also known as champagne oolong tea,  this Taiwanese tea is considered as one of the most prized oolongs in the world.  It has a beautiful floral aroma with  sweet notes of honey and notes of spice making it a perfect bevearage for special occasions.

Net Wt:  50 gms (loose tea)


Ming Cha's Rose Bud Tea

Said to invoke feelings of joy and happiness and sets romantic mood, this premium grade rosebud tea is lightly sweet with natural rosy aroma and taste.  A soothing drink to indulge with this holiday season due to its warming effect.

Net Wt: 25 gms (rose buds)


Stainless Steel and Glass Tea Timer

The key to perfect tea is in the timing.  This color-coded elegant stainless steel and glass tea timer will ensure you make the perfect brew every time. The sand color on our timer corresponds to the type of tea being brewed.

Although each tea has its own ideal brewing times, our recommended steep times are:

Green teas 1-3min, white teas 2-3min, black teas 3-5min


Mesh Tea Infuser (small)

Designed for ease of use, our tea infuser features a finely woven, stainless steel mesh body with an easy open closure and a long steel chain. The generous size and basket shape allows the tea leaves to fully expand resulting to full flavors.  Adding to its elegance is our highly polished stainless steel signature charm and green jade accent. Comes in all natural muslin bag.


This holiday gift set comes ready for gift giving in a black embossed keepsake box with logo satin ribbon and gift tag,


Time For Joy Gift Set