Signature Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit

Our signature loose leaf tea starter kit has everything you need to get you started brewing the perfect cup of tea.  This well-thought-out starter kit includes:


Signature Tea Infuser  

Our stainless steel tea infuser has fine mesh filter to keep the bits out of your tea and a drip tray that can also serve as a lid.  The innovative extra long foldable handle makes our infuser ideal for both teapot and mug. 


Signature Tea Measuring Scoop

Our stainless steel tea measuring scoop adds precision to your tea preparation by measuring the right amount of loose leaf tea for a perfect cup.


Stainless Steel and Glass Tea Timer

The key to perfect tea is in the timing.  This color-coded elegant stainless steel and glass tea timer will ensure you make the perfect brew every time. The sand color on our timer corresponds to the type of tea being brewed.

Although each tea has it's own ideal brewing times, our recommended steep times are:

Green teas 1-3min, white teas 2-3min, black teas 3-5min


Zen Societea Magnetic Tea Brewing Guide

We know that starting into loose leaf tea can be quite confusing and overwhelming.  This handy magnetic guide is packed with the information you need to properly brew different types of tea. Stick it on your fridge as the ultimate sheet for a perfect brew.


33 Leaves of Tea (Pocket Tea Tasting Journal)

This journal provides an easy way to quickly record tea tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format.  It's perfect for tea novices and pros alike.


Our ultimate tea starter kit comes ready for gift giving in matte black magnetic box, logo satin ribbon and gift tag.





Signature Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit