This organic kamairi-cha is the flagship product of Miyazaki Sabo. Picked at the end of May, during the first harvest, in Miyazaki prefecture, this premium tea is very rare. It is a blend of yabukita and another, much less known cultivar, kanaya midori. Pan-fried and not steamed, this is still very much a green tea, with all of its antioxidants. Its freshness and sweetness come together with a subtle touch of umami for an exquisite balance, undisturbed by a pinch of bitterness. Its low caffeine levels make this tea a perfect choice for a late-afternoon brew.


Tea Preparation: 

Pour 160ml of 176°F water over 6 grams of tea.

90 seconds brewing time. This high quality Sencha can be brewed 2-3 times. Re-brewing time should only be a few seconds.



  • 50 grams