Vietnam Delights 25 Tea Collection

Best gift for tea lovers. An Authentic Tea Collection of 25 teas.


Vietnam Delights.

25 pre-portioned loose leaf teas
5 Black, 5 Green, 5 Fusion, 5 Herbal and 5 Premium Teas
Descriptions and tasting notes of each tea
Professional photos of the most famous sites of Vietnam.
Map of tea journey


Teas inside


Black Teas:

Traditional black. A gentle fruity aroma and elegant cedar forest notes
Earl Grey Tropic. Zesty, juicy aroma of ripe bergamot orange
Cinnamon Chai. Exotic combination of heady cinnamon, spicy ginger, and charming safflower aromas
Black tea with Thyme. An elegant blend of fragrant thyme and full-bodied black tea
Chocolate Toffee. Pure chocolate taste with a hint of heady cinnamon


Green Teas:

Traditional Green. Green tea with delicate flowery, fruity, and honey notes
Jasmine Thai Nguyen. A refreshing taste with the aroma of fragrant jasmine blossoms
B'lao Lotus Tea. Fragrantly fresh Vietnamese green tea with an exotic lotus aroma
Pandan. Extraordinary tropical taste similar to fresh-baked cookies
Oolong. Aromatic Vietnamese Oolong with gentle creamy notes


Fusion Teas:

Mango Coconut. A juicy, ripe mango aroma with undertones of refreshing coconut
Pineapple Orange Cream. Flavorful creamy combination of sweet pineapple, zesty lemongrass, and ripe orange
Summer Peach. Fruity aroma with soothingly sweet floral notes
Vanilla Coconut. Delightful vanilla aroma and flowery Vietnamese black tea
Passion Fruit. A rich, flavorful cup of tropical zest


Herbal Teas:

Artichoke. Unique soft, flowery taste of the Vietnamese highlands
Tropic Mulberry. Charming aroma of sweet berries and refreshing mint
Ginger Lemongrass. A refreshing, soothing herbal infusion of fragrant Vietnamese lemongrass and spicy ginger
Pepper Mint & Jasmine. A smooth, cool combination of jasmine and peppermint
Citrus Hurricane. Pleasant combination of tropical zests


Premium Teas:

Shan Snow. A rich flowery and honey aroma with pleasant, subtle sweet notes
Milk Oolong. An elegant creamy aroma with a smooth, pleasant aftertaste
Loose Leaf Pu-Erh. Bright pu-erh taste with a delicate caramel aftertaste
Premium Black. Big-leaf, full-bodied black tea
Thai Nguyen Green. Rich with a clean, refreshing green tea aroma

Vietnam Delights 25 Tea Collection

  • 125 grams total